The SEL curriculum specifically designed to fulfill the needs of your students, leaders, and community…

We’ve spent 3 years developing and testing our curriculum to make sure it’s the best Social-Emotional Learning experience your students and leaders have ever been a part of. It’s incredibly easy-to-implement, extremely powerful, and is so much fun. This will quickly turn into that thing everyone is talking about around your community.

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Positive Relationships

There has never been a curriculum better at forming positive relationships.

Students are having fun with their friends and are making new buddies everyday. They are finally rushing home to share what they’re learning with family members too!

Many organizations are even using our program to bond youth with community leaders like police officers, firefighters, and political figures.

Critical thinking

It’s well known that we need our children to learn effective strategies for becoming critical thinkers.

With Life-Strategies Through Chess, students learn how to become the type of problem solvers our future needs.

The type of skills students learn throughout our curriculum are invaluable tools that will greatly benefit their lives in all social-emotional and academic areas.


The Life-Strategies that participants learn throughout this program are priceless.

The lessons include:

How To Turn Negative Self-Talk Into Positive Self-Talk

How To Set Goals and Achieve Them

How To Improve Concentration

How To Be A More Grateful Person

  …and so much more!