Curriculum Overview

Life-Strategies Through Chess is a one of a kind life-enrichment & community-enhancement curriculum. Participants learn sustainable strategies for social, emotional, and intellectual well-being, all while sharing history's most influential strategy game, chess. It is perfect for anyone 9+, and can be enjoyed independently or in a group setting. Each of the 25 lessons contain a thought-provoking reading, a video chess lesson, and a fun activity. The entire curriculum was designed with students, teachers, and after-school leaders in-mind, keeping easy-implementation and participant-engagement a top priority.

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The interactive workbook is jam packed with fun and engaging lessons that will keep you coming back for more. Every lesson has been designed to captivate and challenge participants that range in abilities and interests. There is something special in this program workbook for everyone.

(Workbook includes Unlimited Video Lesson Access)  

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Video Lessons

A few short years ago you wouldn't have had access to such professional-quality How To Play Chess Lessons (unless you had the means to hire a private chess tutor.) Now, everyone can learn how to play this amazing game, from an experienced instructor, with our HD Video Lessons. Watch and enjoy! 

(Access to Video Lessons comes with purchase of Workbook) 

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Order our Complete Kit and you’ll get everything you need to make this a learning experience to remember...


  • 1 Program Workbook

  • 1 Tournament Quality Chess Set

  • Unlimited Video Lesson Access

  • 1 Carrying Bag