Our Mission

New Wave Programs is dedicated in helping to improve communities through schools, after-school programs, and other youth organizations. We believe that providing children the opportunity to learn strategies for Social-Emotional Intelligence should be of utmost importance, and we thrive on providing fun and meaningful curriculum/programs that do just that. We’re extremely driven to help communities in establishing foundations for long-lasting and meaningful programs. We appreciate your interest in our efforts and anything you can do to help us reach more.

“Our after-school tutor absolutely loves how much social interaction the students are getting through your curriculum! Our older students have really enjoyed sharing with the younger students and we’re going to hold a school-wide tournament in a few weeks.”

-Elementary School Principal, Salinas Unified School District

”Using the program to bond the local police officers with our students has been so exciting. We are already planning ahead so we can expand this for next school year.”

-California Expanded Learning Services Coordinator, Region 5

”My kids actually get bummed out on days that we don’t get to do a lesson. They’ve been having so much fun playing chess, some days they don’t want to do anything else! It’s a really fun program. Thank you.”

-After School Site Leader, Greenfield Unified School District